lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

The Leo DiCaprio mufa

The Wolf of Wall Street actor was, for the fourth time, the Oscars empty-handed The Leo DiCaprio mufa Leonardo DiCaprio is absolutely unintelligible. He was nominated four times to reach the coveted statuette and the Academy never tacked to his side. Titanic will be sentenced him? Who knows. The truth is that blonde is showing for a long time is not just a pretty face and has been doing every day more complex roles. But that was not enough to beat Matthew McConaughey in the latest installment of the 2014 Oscar Awards. DiCaprio From the moment that it became known that he was not the winner - despite having played incredibly at Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street.-, users of the social networking began to make jokes, upload memes, and come up with funny parodies... In short, to make fun of their fate. The concrete is that hours ago that the hashtag "poor Leo" is one of the TT in Twitter. Poor, poor, Leo.

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