lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

Lio Messi, the selection is already trained in Romania

"Flea", which arrived this morning at Bucharest before a crowd awaiting his arrival, led light works that Alejandro Sabella diagramó. The Wednesday from 4 p.m., will be time for the last friendly in Europe before the World Cup. The routine was developed under a relaxed climate and joy. Everything seems to be ready for Argentina dispute the last friendly officer on the European continent before the initiation of the World Cup which will host Brazil. After the call by Alejandro Sabella, who announced that "it will play the base team" to continue the collective operation, oiling Lionel Messi and all players arrived in Romania to a climate of happiness. Wednesday from 4 p.m., in the city of Bucharest, the "albiceleste" group will have a review to consolidate those issues that come out well and at the same time correcting the shortcomings which concern the common denominator for fans of the team. But, in addition, representatives of the illusion of the people advantage to strengthen collective harmony that reigns in the environment. With the "flea" to the head, which caused a hellish "rampage" upon arrival at the scene, the selection were trained first under "Sluggishness" orders and his assistants, who diagrams with very light exercise routine to retrieve the physicist of the protagonists. It should be noted that the majority of the players defended the Jersey of their respective clubs over the weekend and they did not have time to rest, the immediacy of the travel product. New morning is expected a formal trial in court, where the coach would carry out a series of tactical jobs and would also define who will face the hosts.
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Scarlett Johansson would be pregnant

One of the most beautiful actresses become MOM: according to you could confirm E! News from multiple sources, Scarlett Johansson is pregnant with their first child, from his relationship with her fiance, French journalist Romain Dauriac. This news comes six months after that to emerge that the 29-year-old actress was planning to marry her French boyfriend. Their commitment was confirmed when Johansson showed his ring at the Venice Film Festival. gave more information about the pregnancy of one of the most sought-after women in Hollywood, Member of Her, one of the nominees for best film. According to the specialist website, Scarlett would take five months of gestation. The actress was married to his colleague Ryan Reynolds. After three years of marriage, they divorced in July 2011. Although she is now committed, in an interview conducted in January with the U.S. program Good Morning America confessed that she wasn't worried about the wedding feast, but yes admitted that he wanted to have children.

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The Leo DiCaprio mufa

The Wolf of Wall Street actor was, for the fourth time, the Oscars empty-handed The Leo DiCaprio mufa Leonardo DiCaprio is absolutely unintelligible. He was nominated four times to reach the coveted statuette and the Academy never tacked to his side. Titanic will be sentenced him? Who knows. The truth is that blonde is showing for a long time is not just a pretty face and has been doing every day more complex roles. But that was not enough to beat Matthew McConaughey in the latest installment of the 2014 Oscar Awards. DiCaprio From the moment that it became known that he was not the winner - despite having played incredibly at Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street.-, users of the social networking began to make jokes, upload memes, and come up with funny parodies... In short, to make fun of their fate. The concrete is that hours ago that the hashtag "poor Leo" is one of the TT in Twitter. Poor, poor, Leo.
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He already knew, the man who authorities captured on Saturday

He already knew, the man who authorities captured on Saturday, February 22 was not Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, but an actor of Televisa. Is called Heriberto Goyeneche and if you gets to YouTube and look closely at chapter one of Destilando amor, will see next Angélica Rivera in a scene where she sings "Andale, Sweety!" Come on, güerita! "Come, let's khimar!" There is connection, there was where Angelica met Heriberto, which years later, became a key part of the electoral campaign of Enrique Peña Nieto. Everything you and I saw in the media was a montage. The true Chapo remains free and enjoys impunity that nothing or no one will be able to snatch. Heriberto are paying a fortune to pass as the most wanted drug trafficker in the world, his wife has a succulent exclusive contract at Televisa and until somebody does some truth to expose him, the people of Mexico will follow deceived. And, of course, this won't happen ever because it took over Government in inventing this hoax that means deflect attention from the society with many other issues that are that have prevailed on the internet. I want to die. It was all so obvious, so obvious. Even the images match! Why you think that at the time of capture nobody spoke with the detainee? So that their voice is not heard! So no one is out to give an account of the lie! Well, already, the high. Did you know that the report introduced by Carlos Loret de Mola Primero noticias in was recorded in December? Yes, in December, and was kept in the library of Noticieros Televisa for your company used it exactly when the President asked it is. So or more brazen? Not and not to mention what cost him the chistecito to the Treasury of the nation. It's a scandal! We have something fat, before an international embarrassment, because this comes not only from Mexico, comes attached to a topic still stronger, global. Or what?, you already forgot you that the origin of this disgusting media circus was the Summit of Toluca? I also want to add the chapo real never walked with the head facing down, always was looked up and out. Surely the chapo is already enjoying his retirement as Lord Amado Carrillo with their saved $ 1 billion. fuente: seovolución
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